Learn important rules for shipping to South America and the world

Learn important rules for shipping to South America and the world

Located in the north of South America Venezuela has a population of almost 30 million. The country is divided into 23 states with the highest population density in northern cities. If you move to Venezuela or transport to the region there are a number of shipping ports in the country including the port of La Guairá the port of Puerto Cabello and the port of Punta Piedras.

If you are interested in free shipping to Venezuela you must be a citizen of Venezuela or a foreign diplomat. A diplomat is an individual appointed by a state to participate in diplomatic relations with another state region or international agency. Customs free transport to Venezuela is still subject to a customs duty of approximately 1% of the CIF price cost insurance and freigh.

Consignments belonging to foreign nationals are subject to charges.

At least 3 days prior to arrival in cargo vessels in Venezuela all necessary documentation shall be completed in order to facilitate customs clearance as soon as the cargo ship arrives. Under Venezuelan Customs Law approval must begin within 5 working days of delivery to arrival. then there will be a penalty on a daily basis.

As with most international shipping destinations the following documentation is required for shipping to Venezuela when you ship household items:

Valid passport showing departure and or postmark

A set of two original Bill of Ladings OB or Airway Bill AW

Readable inventory no Packaged by Owner or PBO or different thank yo

Certificate of Use stamped at Venezuelan Consulate of Origin for Venezuelan Citizens and Resident

Tax Information Register RI Certificate

If you ship new goods to Venezuela additional rules and paperwork apply. You must enter the Andean Value Declaration Form. As of May 1 2001 the Venezuelan Customs uses the non recurring declaration form. Only duty free deliveries are exempted from this form.

Transmissions for foreign nationals require that these forms be filled in with a computer indicating all goods per customs broker. An experienced shipping can help with this process.

Inventories for foreign nationals must provide detailed information about the content make model and serial number of each domestic and electronic item. Furniture must indicate the material used for example wood rattan etc.

Customs regulations and documentation are heavily regulated by Venezuelan customs officials and high fees may arise if the rules are not followed.

Normal customs clearance when requirements and documentation complies with the maritime transport will take 5 7 working days from the date the documentation is presented to Customs officials in Venezuela.

Any violations of the established Venezuelan customs legislation will require additional handling in the clearing process due to additional fees for customs clearance delays in process demurrage and likely payment obligations.

If you ship to Venezuela you should plan to pay household goods if you are a foreigner. If you are a citizen of Venezuela or a resident of the country you are expected to pay fees for new goods. Taxes are based on the type of article. The average customs duty for a regular household goods delivery is 20% on the CIF value.

If you are a citizen of Venezuela or a returning resident in Venezuela you can send used household items duty free as long as you have been abroad for at least 6 consecutive months. You must pay fees for any new items. If you need an original certificate for use you can get one from a Venezuelan consulate abroad.

Send a car or a vehicle to Venezuela

If you ship a vehicle to Venezuela you can send a duty free as long as you follow the following requirements.

You are a Venezuelan citizen or returning resident who has been away from the country for at least one year before shipping.

You have owned your vehicle for at least 11 months before shipping to Venezuela.

All required documents are in your name. For more information on mandatory documents for vehicle transport to Venezuela see below.

Original certificate of use must be used by a Venezuelan consulate abroad.

Only one car may be sent Venezuela duty free per person valued at under 20000 dollar.

Foreign nationals may not import used vehicles to Venezuela but may import new cars. Foreign citizens Venezuelan citizens and Venezuela residents who return to the country after spending a long time can import new cars.

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